Grating Fasteners Built to Last

The GrateClips™ Fastener System family of products for securing grating is a patented system designed, engineered and tested to international standards to ensure that it can meet the rigorous demands and harshest environmental conditions of offshore, marine and petrochemical industries

100% Stainless Steel

GrateClips™ are made from 100% Stainless Steel, not Carbon Steel, and are suitable for the harshest of Marine, Onshore/Offshore, Industrial & Petrochemical environments.


The Clip body is designed as a forged unit and not welded to avoid the seam welding failure issues which have plagued other similar products.


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"The vice grip that won't slip"

“Works grate, looks grate because it is grate!” 

GrateClips™ T-Clip

Stainless Steel Grating Clip/Disc

GrateClips™ M-Clip

Stainless Steel 3 and 4 Wing Clip

GrateClips™ Pin

Stainless Steel Pin/Stud

Trusted by world-class companies

  • Y2C Project
  • Arctic LNG 2 Project
  • Shell Prelude FLNG
  • Petronas FLNG 2
  • ENI Coral FLNG
  • Danglin Biomass Power Plant
  • LG Chemical Plant
  • Jeju Hanlim Wind Farm Project
  • Thermal Power Plant
  • Hanwha Chemical Plant
  • Kori Nuclear Power Plant Unit 1

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